Angela JIANU

[...] this work is a valuable contribution to the study of food and the formation of regional and national identities through material culture, symbolic rituals, stratified consumption, and cultural representations. 
[...] the comparative analysis of diverse and intersecting traffics of foodstuff, recipes, people, and concomitant social relations within the “contact zone generated by multiple imperial projects” [...] from the Byzantine and Venetian legacies to the Ottoman, Austrian, and Russian interventions in a longue durée is a fruitful approach.

From the review by Evguenia Davidova 

in Slavic Review, vol. 78, no. 3, Fall 2019, pp. 821-22

Earthly Delights : 
Economies and Cultures of Food in Ottoman and Danubian Europe, c. 1500-1900

Angela Jianu and Violeta Barbu

Cover illustration: The Last Supper. The Church of Suceviţa Monastery, 16th c (Romania)

Courtesy of Petru Palamar

Available Formats:
• E-Book
• Hardback
ISBN: 9789004324251
Language: English
Publisher: BRILL

Year of publication: 2018

Earthly Delights brings together a number of substantial and original scholarly studies by international scholars currently working on the history of food in the Ottoman Empire and East-Central Europe. It offers new empirical research, as well as surveys of the state of scholarship in this discipline, with special emphasis on influences, continuities and discontinuities in the culinary cultures of the Ottoman Porte, the Balkans and East-Central Europe between the 17th and 19th centuries.

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